im one of a million

I’m one of a million. No I don’t mean IN a million I mean I’m one of the million girls who are blundering through their teenage years wondering why they aren’t getting accepted in society. Haven’t you always seen that one girl in your class who’s always got her head in a book, who prefers reading to mingling with people and who isn’t good at making new friends?

I’m one of those girls and I’m proud of it. For teens if a person is always reading and doesn’t talk much to other people he or she automatically  becomes depressed. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve been reading a book, lost in one of Agatha Christies spectacularly planned murders or entranced in a novel by John Grisham, when someone walks up to me, taps me on the shoulder and asks me why I’m so depressed . When did reading become a stereo type for depression? Is it soo abnormal for a teen to be reading a book?


In the Dark

Anusha Subramanian - All Shades of Dramatic

*Warning : Could be slightly intense*

The guilt is relentless
Though I know not my sin
Existing itself feels wrong
Uncomfortable in my own skin

I thought that I was meant to live in the light
But I cloak myself with shadows instead
And glimpses and echoes from the days past
Swirl destructively in my head

Hold me or I’ll self destruct
But stay away or you’ll sink with me
My touch may forever scar your soul
My presence may burn you brutally

It’s not my intention to inflict these scars
They are slashed as I beat against these bars
And strange as it may seem to be
All I’m trying to be is me.

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